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Brushing and flossing after everything you eat, but you are still worried about the yellow teeth? Yellow teeth are the yellow coloration or the yellow layer which is found on the teeth enamel. Despite the media advertisements or the fact that everyone wants that Hollywood like broad pearly white smile, the teeth of people due to a variety of factors are not usually white.

There are two reasons which cause teeth discoloration-

1. Extrinsic stains- The teeth discoloration is witnessed or prevalent on the surface of the teeth enamel. These can occur due to the lifestyle a person adapts to or is subjected to. The colors in the food the people eat or the beverages he takes such as tea and coffee make the teeth enamel to be darker in color.

Our teeth have pores on its surface, whenever we eat something it gets into these pores, making the teeth not only darker in color but also weaker.

2. Intrinsic factors- These occur within the teeth, there are some substances that alter the light emitting properties of the enamel and the dentin. Moreover, there are certain medications that cause teeth to become discolored or develop brownish colors. These medications have certain chemical compounds that leave a darker stain on these.

3. Sometimes, the water we drink has an excessive amount of fluoride percentage in it. These fluorides are known to cause a condition called fluorosis- yellowing of the teeth from too much of the fluoride.

Therefore, no matter how hard you brush or floss these yellow teeth, to make them white again, this will only damage the enamel making it weak. One of the factors that play an important role is the thickness of the enamel. As you age, the enamel becomes thin making your teeth appearing to be more of yellow. Moreover, the degree of the yellow coloration is dependent upon the thickness and the texture of the enamel.

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